About Parcel Tracker

The Parcel Tracker, part of the Lake Tahoe Info system, serves as a clearinghouse for information about properties within the Tahoe Region.

The Parcel Tracker is also a critical implementation tool for the Transferable Development Rights Program. All development right transfers are tracked here so that the information necessary to assess effectiveness and develop policy improvements is available. Further, the system aims to streamline development right transfers and allocations for project proponents (permit applications) and lead agencies.

Most development right transfers involve a sending and receiving parcel. "Sending" areas are typically lands that have been identified for preservation or deemed environmentally sensitive and therefore are not suitable for development.  "Receiving" areas are those where additional growth is desirable and beneficial. Transferrable Development Rights serve to quantify development and act as the building blocks for growth management. 

Types of Transferable Development Rights
In Tahoe, development rights that can be transacted are those that can be banked and/or verified as legally existing by TRPA. These include:

  • land coverage (existing and potential)
  • tourist accommodation units (TAU)
  • restoration credits
  • commercial floor area (CFA)
  • potential residential units of use (PRUU))
  • residential allocations
  • existing residential units of use (ERU)


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About this Tool
The Parcel Tracker was developed with TRPA funding along with California's Strategic Growth Council (SGC) grant funds.